HCT product descriptions

Updated February 2012

NOTE: All transparent HCTs are made on 8 x 10 inch sheet film and cut to size. Extensive testing shows results are virtually identical to using specified film formats.

Please read the WARRANTY before purchasing any HCT products

4 x 5* inch HCT transparency
Available on Fujichrome Velvia or Kodak Ektachrome film

Flagship of the HCT line, each transparent 4 x 5 inch HCT is individually measured and has its own unique reference file. A metallic serial number sticker adhered to the target identifies the reference file and serves as an 'infinite density ' patch for making 'Extended-Range Profiles' (see Scanning Guide or HCT User Guide.)

*Actual size slightly less than 4 x 5 inches.

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6 x 7 cm HCT transparency
Available on Fujichrome Velvia or Kodak Ektachrome film

Each 6 x 7 cm HCT is individually-measured. A metallic serial number sticker identifies the reference file and serves as an 'infinite density ' patch for Extended-Range Profiles. Like all transparent HCTs, the 6 x 7 HCT is exposed on 8 x 10 inch film and cut to 120/220 film width. Although primarily intended for medium-format scanners such as the Nikon 8000, Polaroid SprintScan 120 or Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO, 6 x 7 cm HCTs can also be used on drum scanners with virtually the same quality as the 4 x 5, however being smaller, the 6 x 7 is harder to compare visually to an enlarged proof when testing the profile.

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35mm HCT transparency
Available on Fujichrome Velvia film

The 35mm HCT is exposed on 8 x 10 inch film and cut to fit standard plastic 35 mm slide mounts. Film width is the same as 35mm film but there are no sprocket holes. Due to the small patch size, 35mm HCTs cannot be individually-measured cost-effectively. Instead, two 6 x 7 cm HCTs from each 8 x 10 sheet are averaged to get one reference file. 35mm HCTs are therefore "small-batch-measured", not individually measured, but tests indicate the quality is just as good.

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5 x 7* inch HCT reflective print
Available on Fuji Crystal Archive paper

Each 5 x 7 inch reflective HCT is individually-measured and comes with a unique serial number and reference file. The reflective HCT can be used on both scanners and digital cameras. Some users find it good for fine-art copy work, because the HCT's extended shadow gamut and glossy finish characterize varnished oil paintings better than other targets. However take care to avoid surface reflections and remember that metamerism failure and differences between capture and viewing lighting can limit the value of ANY target when making ICC camera profiles.

For maximum resistance to fading, reflective HCTs are made on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, however remember that no photographic material is completely free from fading and aging. That's why we offer a re-measuring service.

*Actual size slightly less than 5 x 7 inches.

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Re-measuring service

Due to the fugitive nature of photographic materials, HCT targets, like any other target, may fade or change color over time, even with careful storage and handling. Within limits, used HCTs may be restored to full value by re-measuring.

Re-measured targets are returned in new packaging with a new serial number and CD. Additional targets sent at the same time will be re-measured at a discount. Targets that are un-measurable due to creasing, warping, severe scratching, or other damage will be returned at no charge, except shipping.

This service may be ordered through your local HCT dealer.

SERVICE TIME: Allow up to four weeks from receipt or target.

NOTE: 35mm targets CANNOT be individually measured.

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HCT package contents

(Actual contents may vary according to product ordered.)

Each HCT target comes in its own shrink-wrapped DVD-style storage container, protected internally by an archival-safe envelope and/or transparent sleeve. A unique serial number sticker is adhered to each target with a duplicate sticker on the rear of the package.

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Design, packaging and availability may change without notice

HCT target and package designs copyright © HutchColor, LLC

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