Stereo or '3-D' photography is all about creating the illusion of depth through two slightly different photographs, one each for the left and right eyes. Read this 'How to' for more information.
Stereo photography

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Sink_hole_Sedona (152 K)
Big square hole in the ground that appeared one day when a cave fell in. This is just the edge.

Ruapehu_rock (184 K)
From the 1996 eruption. Top of the ski lift, Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand.

NZ_Approach (132 K)
Clouds in 3D from the plane, approaching New Zealand.

Galbraith's (164 K)
Chris Budgen (right) and guitarist Graham Wardrop outside Auckland's best ale house.

Stereo (3D) photography.pdf (688 K)
How to take and view stereo pairs and how we see in depth.

Andreas Petersik's clever little stereo applet.

Donz stereo photos
First attempt to enable Andreas' applet .