What you may and may not do with items on the Images and Targets page.

Images and targets (legal stuff)

Legal Notice

These targets and images (“Items”) are the exclusive property of the copyright owner, HutchColor, LLC. Items may be freely down-loaded and used by any party for the analysis, calibration and/or control of graphic systems or devices, SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS:

1.    The contents of these original files and any intermediate files or reproductions derived from them must not be edited in any way that results in altered spatial design or positioning of text or raster (pixel) sections or elements.

2.    The final reproduced images must not be cropped or overprinted to eliminate or hide any part of the original image or logo.

3.    These files and their derived reproductions may not be sold, hired, given away, nor offered in any way as part of any service, application, software, web site, graphic image or physical device, without the express written permission of HutchColor, LLC.

Permitted modifications include re-sizing or rotating the Items, and applying global curves, global calibrations or global color management (global meaning equally to the whole Item) during the reproduction process.

These Items are offered “as-is” with no guarantee or warranty of usefulness for any specific purpose.

No free explanation of how to use these Items nor free technical support is offered or implied by HutchColor, LLC.  Explanations, training and support are available at daily consulting rates.

Some of these Items appear in various forms on the IDEAlliance G7 press form, freely available at www.idealliance.org/G7global.

HutchColor, LLC reserves the right to remove or replace any or all of the Items on this web site, and/or to begin charging for any or all of them, without notice.

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