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Spreadsheets and charts

Useful Formulae (21 K .xlsx)
Some handy color conversion formulae derived primarily from "Measuring Color" by Robert Hunt. NO GUARANTEES OF ACCURACY - any errors are probably ours, not Hunt's. Buy the book if you want to be sure.


For additional color science math visit

RGB coords (132 K .xls)
Play with phosphor coordinates and visualize them on a CIEY,x,y diagram. Compare the gamuts of different RGB working spaces. You will need some fluency in Microsoft Excel to use this.

Added March 2006: "Ekta Space PS5, J. Holmes" (copyright 1998, Joseph Holmes, Follow the link for Joe's informative Read-Me and magnificent web gallery.

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DeltaE 76 and 2000 calculator
Simple spreadsheet for calculating the two most common versions of Delta E.
Use at your own risk.

De calculator

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