Offset lithography's limited ink densities produce weaker colors than gravure, ink-jet and photography. HiFi color attempts to boost offset's color gamut through extra plates or stronger inks, for more saturated, vibrant color on press.
HiFi color

HiFi_notes.pdf (340 K)
Here's a way to make HiFi touch plates that get around Photoshop's incompatibility with n-color ICC profiles. You must already have ICC profiling software and be prepared to roll up your sleeves. No guarantees, but worth trying.

HiFi_update.pdf (224 K)
An article I wrote for the 1999 GATFWorld Technology Forecast. Not much has changed. HiFi is still a niche market thing - awkward to do efficiently. Everyone wants better color but few are willing to pay for it. Photoshop's 4-channel ICC profile limit continues to be a major barrier to wider-spread HiFi use.

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