Basic information about color management. As always, no guarantees or support can be offered (that's why they're free) but if you find them useful, feel free to pass these on to others. Updated May 2011
Color management notes

Soft Proofing Tips
How to tweak a soft proofing monitor and viewing booth for the best visual match (132 K) Minor revisions January 2007

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Kodachrome Profiles
How to make a good Kodachrome profile without a Kodachrome target. New 2005 (356 K)

Color Negative Scanning
Why C-neg profiling usually doesn't work, but how to try it anyway (for masochists only). New 2009 (100 K)

Principles of Color Management
A light overview of why we need color management, how it works and what are its limitations (1.2 MB)

Scanning Guide
How to set up any scanner to produce ideal RGB files for color management
. New version May 2011 includes Kodak oXYgen Scan 2.6.0 software (1.2 MB)


RGB Arguments
Why RGB workflows are better, faster, cheaper and easier, even for traditional high-end CMYK users (212 K)